Julie Gumerman

Fullstack web developer.

About Me

Once a teacher. Now a fullstack web developer. It seems I am hooked on problem-solving and puzzle-working, finding bugs and improving functionality. Nothing is more satisfying than building an app that looks beautiful but is also technically flawless. I look forward to building, breaking, and fixing software everyday in the professional world.


  • CSS, LESS, and SCSS
  • JavaScript
  • React.js and React Native
  • Angular
  • Redux
  • Node, Express, and Knex
  • Python
  • Django and Flask
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Coffee consumption

Work samples

Weekend Adventure Hub screenshot

Weekend Adventure Hub

React, Redux, SCSS, API calls

I designed and built the entire front-end of this app using React, drawing from three different APIs to highlight outdoorsy activities along Colorado's Front Range. Behind the scenes, Redux organizes API calls and maintains state in a single store.

Snowboard App screenshot

Snowboard App

Node, React, and SCSS

I planned and built this fullstack app not only as a homage to powder days, but also to show off CRUD operations and authentication on both the front and back end.

Lambda Loves Github screenshot

Key Conservation Mobile

Node.js, React-Native, Redux

This is an app used by conservationist organizations to connect with potential supporters and donors. I made all necessary changes to the database during my two-month tenure and rigged up the navigation for maps and onboarding.

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